Our History

Gulf Group, through its – Gulf Dynamics Co. – started this division in early 2005 to respond to the increasing “quality service” demands of the Security Forces, Coast Guard, Air-force, national Guard, navy and Army.

What We Do

Gulf Dynamics is a leading provider of security solutions provider company. we engineer, install and maintain security and surveillance equipment. We also provide training to help people reduce risks. We have huge customer base from different industries including government and corporate organizations as well as individual customers. We are focused on utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and on further developing a thorough understanding of our customers’ needs. We presents up-to-date solutions, customized to our conditions in the Gulf to serve security , commercial applications, law enforcement, boarder controls, anti-terrorism  and personal protection. Gulf Group provides full range of quality products such as given below.

  • Thermal Sensors

  • Integrated Security Solutions

  • Mobile Surveillance Solutions

  • Command and Control Solutions

  • Ground radars

  • IR night vision devices

  • Day/Night Scopes

  • Long Range Communication Solutions

  • Access control Solutions

  • Assets security

  • Communication

  • Electronic fences & automations

Our Mission

Side by side with commanders and soldiers to deploy mission critical solutions achieving the expected whenever and wherever wanted.

الوقوف بجانب الضباط والجنود لتسخير انظمة فعالة تؤدي المهمة بكل كفاءة عند اللزوم في اي وقت وفي اي مكان

Our Strategy

  • Listen carefully, Observe deeply and understand both: customers and suppliers.

  • Reliable Engineering, quality installation, local training, support and maintenance reduces effectively costs, risks and improve operations.

  • Continuous Investment in our human resources  keeps our customers safe and the upper hand in any threat.

  • Evaluate the International reliable technologies from pioneers such as FLIR, Theon, Photonis and others then Transfer the best match to our homeland. We represent both of them.

  • Our Achievements are registered only when our customers are proud.

Top Registered Achievements

  • Boarder Security of 350km utilizing  long range multi sensor thermal cameras, Ground Radars , long rang wireless communication, power systems, Driver vision Enhancement systems, short range mobile Surveillance stations and  command & control stations.

  • Long Range Mobile Surveillance vehicles, fully automated, robust and quick.

  • Long range Mobile Surveillance man carry Systems, quick, long range and easy.

  • The best Night Vision System projects in the area for special Security forces, Border Security, Coast guard and General Security. Our NVDs works perfect, and keep working and keep your eyes happy.

Our Partners

Gulf Group as a security systems integrator in collaboration with International pioneers companies such as FLIR, Photonis and Theon offers a wide range of engineered integrated solutions for security and surveillance.

Our Locations

KSA Defense & Security Head office

Address: Gulf Group Company,2nd Floor Waradt Alsalam  Building, North Olaya, Khurais Road,Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Contact Number: 00966-11 4706810
Fax: 00966-11 4706813
Email: defense@gulfgroupco.com

Kuwait Defense & Security Head office

Address: Shuwaikh Industrial Area, Block 2, AlShaya Plaza,
Street 26, Bldg 68, Kuwait.
Contact Number: 00965-1802-801
Fax: 00965-24841035
Email: defense@gulfgroupco.com