Residential Contracting & Mechanical Products Division

Throughout the history of Gulf Group starting from 1982 till now, HVAC was and is still a cornerstone among all the Group activities and across Kuwait market. With a growth mentality, the group speeded its HVAC business expansion to include HVAC installations as a step in the wider domain of Residential Contracting field. Being authorized distributor of Trane in Kuwait, this is considered a momentum in the right direction.

Residential contracting division is addressing all market segments and all customer profiles.

Gulf Group history and its team who has accumulative expertise, this guarantees speed of service, product quality and value for money

Our Locations

Kuwait Residential Contracting Head office

Shuwaikh Industrial Area, Block 2, AlShaya Plaza,
Street 26, Bldg 68, Kuwait.

Contact Information

Contact Number: 00965-1802-802
Fax: 00965-24836245